Thursday, February 23, 2012

Debaufre Now - Whats Happening

There has been some discussion recently on posts regarding the current state of Debaufre and I've received lots of email and speculations so I would like to clear it up for everyone.

First topic - The 39mm GMT
The manufacturer that we were using to make the 39mm case has raised the price of their products. So in order to continue to provide a high quality and affordable 39mm watch we have temporarily suspended selling this style. We are looking for a new manufacturer who can help us bring back this very loved and popular size!

Next - The Scratch and Dents/Discounted Sales
Some of our older styles have been put on sale for $300 dollars. This is our Scratch and Dent price which means that the watch sells AS IS with no warranty. However these watches are all in great condition and are not actually scratched or dented. They are just older new stock that we would like to move out of our warehouse. So this is a great price for a great watch and even if it should need to be serviced in the next year it would still be less expensive then buying this watch at it's regular retail price. So we hope you will take advantage of this great offer!

And lastly there has been talk that Debaufre is shutting it's doors. This is not the case. We have been having to restructure the business model in order to continue to provide a great watch at a great price. While we look for new products and watches we will continue to offer our two best sellers, the Ocean 1 and the GMT models on a pre-order basis. This means that you place your order through our online store and within 4-6 weeks it will arrive at our warehouse. You will be charged once your order is ready to ship. This allows us to continue to offer you this great watch and keep the pricing down.

I hope that this answers everyones questions about the current state of affairs. I am always available via email and I try to answer everyone back within 24 hours. The best email is

Talk to you again soon!