Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Open Letter from Debaufre

Debaufre has been a family owned and operated business since its inception. Alldaron, Jon and Elsa have poured their hearts into creating an exceptional company, producing fine watches. Debaufre has shipped its six-thousandth order recently and we are very thankful for the many warm friends of the company who have helped us do what we love to do, design and provide high quality watches at great prices.

Change is a constant in this universe, and as our watches measure the passage of time, so do they measure the changes that take place within that time.

One such change that we are very pleased to share with you is the addition of a new Debaufre family member. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Brandon Marion. Brandon has been a friend of the family for almost 20 years. He shares our love of watches, and has put together a very nice collection of his own. Brandon comes to us at a perfect time in our lives, and with the perfect skill set, to help us all bring Debaufre to an even greater level of service to the watch community.

We would like you to know a little bit about Brandon, besides his love of watches, and like us we think you will see why we have chosen him as our new partner. Brandon spent the first half of his career in International Business, he directly aided in the creation and expansion of literally hundreds of companies in various industries. From there he went on to form an Investment Company where he managed and invested 1.5 Billion dollars for individuals and Institutions. He has conducted business and built friendships all over the world. He then retired from the Investment Business to enjoy his family and pursue his other passions: flying airplanes, skiing, scuba diving and just about anything else you can imagine. Additionally he has been very active in humanitarian efforts, such as promoting human rights, leading campaigns against drug abuse and working towards making our world a better place.

As those of you who have met Alldaron know, he is a vibrant, enthusiastic watch aficionado. He is on a mission to get Debaufre watches on the arms of as many cool people as he can find. At this point in the companies evolution the family asked Brandon to join forces with Alldaron to bring to the table, the business and financial knowledge the group needs to create a world class organization. Because of his love of watches and friendship with the family he joined the team as a partner just a few days ago.

Jon and Elsa have moved from day to day operations, but remain very involved with company. They will still be available at their Debaufre email addresses or by phone should you need their help with anything, or if you should want to just say hello. Jon and Elsa will continue to ensure the same levels of quality and customer care that has made Debaufre such a great company.

Together Alldaron and Brandon look forward to bringing more exciting designs to the Debaufre line, as well as expanding our relationships worldwide. Who knows, perhaps in the future the Debaufre watch you own today will be part of a history of great watches that dates back as far as 1704. After all tradition starts somewhere . . .
~ Best wishes, the Debaufre Team.