Thursday, June 3, 2010

Debaufre Swiss Watches Father's Day Sale

Get a Masterpiece Swiss Watch at 20% off from our
Father's Day Sale

Debaufre Watches is having a sale for Father's Day with 20% off select
models! Debaufre delivers such fine Swiss watches with exceptional quality
at prices below the traditional fine Swiss Watch price. But now with a
sale, it gets even better and so now is the perfect time to obtain a
Debaufre timepiece.

We are delivering select models (excluding the Ocean and GMT watches) at a
20% discount until the 25th of June.

Here is what one of our customers has to say:

"I bought this watch in October, and have had it on almost continuously
since it arrived. It looks substantial, feels substantial, runs beautifully
and keeps relatively accurate time - MUCH better than my Nautilus or Rolex
which need to be reset almost every week. The long & short of this is that,
in my experience, there are not many other watches (if any) that can beat
this watch for looks, value and performance in this price range. - C.H.

Call Debaufre directly at (877) 794-7748 or visit our website at to place your order.

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